Apple watch emerges as lifesaver ; woman’s health crisis averted during flight journey 

Apple watch emerges as lifesaver ; woman's health crisis averted during flight journey

Apple watch emerges as lifesaver ; woman's health crisis averted during flight journey

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In a remarkable turn of events, an Apple Watch played a pivotal role in saving a woman’s life mid-flight from Britain to Italy. As the plane soared through the skies, the woman suddenly faced severe health complications, struggling to breathe at high altitudes.

This woman started having trouble breathing when the plane was at an altitude of thousands of kilometers.

A fellow passenger, who happened to be a doctor, noticed the distress and discovered that the woman was wearing an Apple Watch. Leveraging the smartwatch’s capabilities, the doctor swiftly assessed her heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and accessed her crucial medical history. 

It revealed that the woman was a heart patient, providing crucial information for immediate intervention.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the doctor alerted the flight crew, emphasizing the need for urgent medical attention. An emergency landing was promptly initiated, and an oxygen cylinder was requisitioned to stabilize the woman’s oxygen levels, guided by the continuous monitoring facilitated by the Apple Watch.

This incident adds to the growing list of instances where Apple’s technological innovations have played a vital role in saving lives. 

Notably, Apple Watch has previously detected health anomalies, including alerting a woman to a tumor in her blood and triggering an accident alert that saved another individual’s life. 

The integration of advanced technology into everyday wearables continues to demonstrate its potential in unforeseen, life-saving situations.

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