Arvind Kejriwal News Updates: ED Conducts Searches at Delhi CM’s Residence, Security Heightened in Civil Lines Area

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An Enforcement Directorate (ED) team arrived at the residence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday evening, shortly after the high court denied him protection from coercive action in a money laundering case linked to the excise policy. The officials stated that the agency visited Kejriwal’s residence to serve him a summons related to the case. 

Additionally, they informed Kejriwal’s staff that they possessed a search warrant against him. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief had previously evaded multiple summonses from the agency regarding this case. Earlier in the day, the court refused to grant Kejriwal any protection from coercive action in the said money laundering case.

Currently, there is a heavy presence of police personnel outside Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence, where an Enforcement Directorate team is present. No one is allowed to enter the CM’s house at the moment. Delhi Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj, speaking to news agency outside Kejriwal’s residence, expressed concern over the situation, suggesting that it appears as if the Chief Minister’s house is being raided, possibly indicating preparation for his arrest.

Initial information from the ED indicated that their team had arrived at the CM’s house with the intention of issuing a 10th summons. However, subsequent reports suggested that the ED team is conducting an inquiry at the CM’s residence itself. With senior officials from the ED currently present at the CM’s residence and a large number of police personnel deployed outside, there is speculation that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal could be arrested tonight.

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