Baby Whale spotted on Ganpatipule seashore in Ratnagiri died

Pune Pulse

Baby Whale spotted on Ganpatipule seashore in Ratnagiri died - Pune Pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

November 16, 2023

Pune: A baby whale that was washed away at Ganpatipule beach in Ratnagiri died. Attempts were made to save the whale five times in two days. On November 15, it was also released into the sea. 

But on the evening of November 15, the baby whale again came ashore and died. It was first seen on November 13.

As per further information, efforts by naturalists and fish scientists to bring the baby whale that washed up on the beach of Ganpatipule back to the sea were unfortunately unsuccessful and the body of the baby whale washed up on the beach on Wednesday evening.

A team of nature lovers and the forest department rushed to the beach on Monday morning after receiving information about the presence of whales in the sand near the MTDC resort here in Ganpatipule. A baby whale about two years old had drifted there with the tide. But after realizing that he was alive, efforts were started to release him safely back into the sea.

At high tide, local villagers and fishermen tried to pull him from the sand back into the water with the help of boats. But as it was not successful, a crane was used. However, the baby whale kept coming out of the water and into the beach sand again and again. So, it became necessary to wait for a good tide.

Until then, the baby whale was wrapped in a wet cloth and watered repeatedly to keep it alive. However, as his condition appeared to deteriorate, saline and antibiotics were administered as per the advice of the veterinary specialist. Due to this, the condition of the baby whale improved. So, with the help of coast guard boats, they tried to pull him back into the tidal water, but it was unsuccessful as the baby whale weighed about 3 to 4 tons. Finally, during high tide early on Wednesday morning, these efforts were successful and with the help of a tug, the baby whale was released into the deep sea at a distance of about 8-9 nautical miles from the shore.

A nature and environment expert said that attempts to safely release beached whales in this manner are rarely successful. Because if the fish comes ashore injured or for some other reason, the chances of survival are very low. However, the efforts made by nature lovers, fisheries scientists, government agencies, and local villagers are truly commendable.

Shreyas Vange