Baggage Handler Warns Travellers Who Personalise Their Suitcases with Ribbons

Baggage Handler Warns Travellers Who Personalise Their Suitcases with Ribbons

Baggage Handler Warns Travellers Who Personalise Their Suitcases with Ribbons

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Tying ribbons to your suitcase to spot it at the conveyor belt might just end up delaying the process for you and here’s why.

10th June 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari 

In order to avoid delayed luggage arrival, trouble selecting their belongings, or worry that their suitcase won’t arrive at their destination, seasoned travellers typically choose not to check their bags.

However, those who are forced to do so will label their luggage with a unique marker in an attempt to streamline the baggage pickup process. On the other hand, the baggage carousel is taking longer to load your bags because of this old luggage trick.

It has become common for travellers to adorn their suitcases with bright ribbons, baggage tags or other accents to set them out from the hundreds of other bags on the plane.

John, a baggage handler at Dublin Airport, disclosed that baggage attachments cause delays in the arrival of passengers’ suitcases. In his conversation with RSVP live, he stated that people who tie ribbons on their bags to make them easier to recognise may find that this interferes with the bag’s scanning process in the baggage hall. Although this additional item makes it easier to identify, airport luggage scanners find it objectionable.

The bag handler clarified that if the bag cannot be scanned automatically, it may end up in manual processing, which could mean your bag does not make it to the flight. Your bag will arrive more readily if it is sent off without identifiers like ribbons and outdated travel stickers. He advised to get rid of old stickers from the bag as they may cause confusion during the scanning process.

Packing marzipan, or almond sweet dough, inside suitcases is another reason why a lot of people have their bags retrieved. “Never include marzipan in your checked luggage. You’ll be called from the aircraft for a bag search and your bag will be taken out since it has the same density as some explosives,” the bag expert cautioned. 

In order to prevent damage, one of the last things you should do before luggage drop off is to raise the wheels on your suitcase.

The Department of Transportation states that airlines are in charge of fixing or paying for passengers’ damaged luggage.