Bengaluru Airport advises passengers to reach airport early.  Know why. 

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Bengaluru Airport advises passengers to reach airport early. Know why.

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The staff at Kempegowda International Airport has instructed travellers who have flights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to arrive at the airport early. 

On November 25 and 26, there will be a Kambala event at Bengaluru’s Palace Grounds. As a result, there will be a movement of different VIPs, and traffic jams are anticipated throughout the city.

Bengaluru Airport officials said that they anticipate heavy traffic flow from Bengaluru city to BLR Airport due to VIP movement on the streets in the city on November 24th, 25th, and 26th 2023. Hence, it is recommended that travellers schedule their trips to give themselves enough time to get to the airport.

As per further information, the management emphasized that travellers need to pay attention to any alerts sent by their airlines. Numerous celebrities from Sandalwood and Bollywood will be present during the two-day event.

About 200 pairs of buffaloes and their owners travelled from coastal areas to Bengaluru on Thursday. All of the preparations were completed at the city’s Palace Grounds. On Thursday, the participants and the animals had a trial run together.

The organizers have denied rumours that Kambala tickets would be made available for purchase. The event organizers made it clear that everyone who wants to watch the race live can attend on Saturday and Sunday.

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