Beware of Online Scams: Pune Engineer Loses Rs 1.38 Lakhs in Electric Bike Fraud

Axis Bank Customers Report Unauthorized Transactions on Social Media

Axis Bank Customers Report Unauthorized Transactions on Social Media

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A 71-year-old engineer in Pune was tricked by cyber fraudsters and lost Rs 1.38 lakhs when he tried to buy an electric bike online, according to the police.

The victim, who lives in Pune Camp, reported the incident to the Lashkar police station by filing a First Information Report (FIR).

Sub Inspector Mahendra Kamble, who is investigating the case, stated that the complainant, currently working in a computer business, had made the booking on a website named ‘simple energy book’ in 2021.

 Additionally “After making the booking, he contacted the numbers provided on the website to inquire about the bike’s delivery,” explained Kamble.

“Later, he received calls on WhatsApp from individuals claiming to be employees of the electric bike company. They instructed him to make payments. Consequently, he transferred money three times to different bank accounts but never received the electric vehicle,” Kamble added.

The complainant lost a total of Rs 1,38,552 in online transactions, as mentioned in the FIR.

The police have confirmed that an investigation has been launched following the registration of an FIR against online fraudsters.

This incident serves as a reminder to stay cautious while making online purchases, as cyber fraudsters continue to find new ways to deceive unsuspecting individuals.

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