Blood donation camp held in Vedanta society

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The pandemic has brought restrictions on many initiatives. Blood donation is among the most affected programs which were held often. This affected majority of the patients who needed blood in times of medical emergency.

During the pandemic times, one of the critical requirements for patients is on time availability of blood which can become a life saver in time of need. There is shortage of blood in most of the blood banks. Arranging blood for the ailing family members adds to the distress of the fellow family members too incase of shortage. They have to sometimes run pillar to post to arrange for blood.

The only solution to this problem is that we as responsible citizens do our bit by donating blood.

Keeping this noble cause in mind, the Management Committee led by Dr. Somnath Dhonde (Chairman, Vedanta CHS) decided to organise a blood donation camp within the society. The committee liased with Pimpri Serological Institute of Blood Bank to organise blood donation camp in the society on Saturday, 28 November 2020. The inauguration of this camp was done by the Chairman and other committee member leading the way by donating blood. The residents also came forward in good numbers to donate blood for the greater good of the society. This initiative was appreciated by the officials of the Pimpri Serological Institute of Blood Bank.

The activity was coordinated by Dr. Vinayak Kadam, Saumajit Bandopadhyay, Capt. (Retd.) Mayank Gupta from the society and by Dr. Naik, Mangesh Surwase and other supporting staff from Pimpri Serological Institute of Blood Bank.