Bluetooth-enabled helmets to be given by Zomato to its delivery partners

Bluetooth-enabled helmets to be given by Zomato to its delivery partners

Bluetooth-enabled helmets to be given by Zomato to its delivery partners

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In New Delhi, the food delivery app Zomato declared that it will provide helmets with Bluetooth connectivity to more than 300,000 of its delivery partners.

According to a senior Zomato official, the company is pleased that 10,000 delivery partners have completed professional first-responder training in the last few months, enabling them to assist with any emergency that may arise, including first-aid and other emergencies. Their dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the delivery partners is further demonstrated by this event and the introduction of the idea of giving out Bluetooth-enabled helmets.

The official went on to say that the business is still committed to looking for innovative approaches to guarantee the welfare of delivery partners as well as the communities they support.

The helmet incorporates advanced features like chin-strap lock status monitoring, helmet wear detection, and pre-set conditional constraints for non-compliance, all powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Delivery partners must turn on the helmet, link it to the app, and put it on firmly in order for it to function. The helmet’s sophisticated sensor technology detects the existence of a human head and verifies that the chin strap is securely fastened. This creative arrangement guarantees that safety procedures are followed and improves delivery staff productivity.

Moreover, Zomato states that it disbursed over 250,000 wearable assets to delivery partners during the 2023 fiscal year. Among these assets were coats with reflective strips installed to improve visibility when operating at night. Zomato also introduced a comprehensive maternity insurance program designed for female delivery partners that cover all costs associated with pregnancy. Zomato has initiated measures to foster inclusivity in its delivery network. Through a special program, it empowered 2,000 women and welcomed over 300 people with disabilities into its workforce.

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