Breaking the Mould: Abhishek Reddy’s Path to Early Retirement

Breaking the Mould: Abhishek Reddy's Path to Early Retirement

Breaking the Mould: Abhishek Reddy's Path to Early Retirement

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Leaving the city behind, cultivating dreams in the countryside.

31 May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

In a tale that defies conventional career trajectories, Abhishek Reddy, a former creative and branding designer from Andhra Pradesh, has made headlines by opting for early retirement at the age of 22. Abandoning a lucrative Rs 1.5 crore per annum job, Reddy traded his office cubicle for the serene landscapes of a farm in Obulapuram village near Pamidi town.

Reddy’s decision to retire early stemmed from a realisation that his relentless pursuit of professional success was taking a toll on his well-being. Despite his early achievements in the corporate world, including founding his own web designing company and securing a high-paying job as a creative director, Reddy found himself burnt out, clocking in 15-hour workdays and sacrificing weekends and holidays.

Reflecting on his journey, Reddy shared, “I had this funny little idea that I would live until I was 70 years old so I’ll take the first half of my life to collect the resources to live the rest of my life in peace. So I was always hustling, trying to make enough money to retire early, move to a farm and live life bindaas.”

With the support of his family, particularly his mother Neela Reddy, who retired early from her government job to join him, Reddy embarked on his agricultural venture. Drawing from his entrepreneurial acumen, Reddy envisions turning the farm into a successful business venture, projecting a potential annual income of Rs 2 crore in the coming years.

The transition to farming hasn’t been without its challenges, but Reddy remains optimistic about the future. He actively engages his social media following, with over 1.2 lakh followers on Instagram, sharing his agricultural journey through entertaining and educational videos.

Reddy’s sister, Aishwarya, an IIT Kharagpur graduate, is also poised to join the family enterprise, bringing her expertise to further monetise the farm’s operations. Despite her thriving career in the city, Aishwarya shares her brother’s enthusiasm for the agricultural endeavour, underscoring the family’s commitment to realising their dream of a sustainable and fulfilling livelihood.