Can Robot ‘Commit Suicide’? Yes!: Civil Servant Robot’s Death Puzzles Locals

Can Robot 'Commit Suicide'? Yes!: Civil Servant Robot's Death Puzzles Locals

Can Robot 'Commit Suicide'? Yes!: Civil Servant Robot's Death Puzzles Locals

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According to reports, a devoted robot civil servant in Gumi City “committed suicide” by plunging down a stairwell, leaving the community in shock and authorities looking into the incident.

An unexpected and perplexing incident has allegedly occurred in which a robot employed by the Gumi City Council in South Korea “committed suicide.” On June 26, the ‘Robot Supervisor’ was discovered broken at the stairs connecting the first and second floors of the Gumi City Council building.

Officials claim that the robot abruptly and mysteriously hurled itself down a two-meter staircase. Residents are currently in sorrow over what is reportedly the nation’s first robot suicide case.

The robot had been circling in one place, according to witnesses, as if “something were there” before it suddenly fell down the stairs. The Gumi City Council revealed that the robot had been a diligent employee, working every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

The robot seems to have been under a great deal of stress despite its hard effort because of an overwhelming workload.

A team dedicated to special investigations has assembled the robot’s parts, which Bear Robotics, a California-based company, will examine. The first robot to have a civil service position and even possess a civil service officer’s card was this one, appointed in August 2023. The Robot Supervisor was in charge of informing the public and delivering different kinds of official documents to local citizens.

People online are now speculating whether the workload was too much for the robot to handle. 

“If the workload had been too much, would he have spun around for a long time and then rushed down the stairs?” said one individual after the incident made headlines in local media

Another said, “I pray that scrap metal rests in peace.” “No breaks, no vacations, no benefits. 

Robots need a union,” said another netizen on X.