Cancel Goamiles ride and book private taxi, threatens cab driver to Goa tourists

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In recent events in Goa, tourists have found themselves embroiled in conflicts with local taxi drivers over the use of the state-run app-based cab service, GoaMiles. 

A viral video captured the tense exchange between passengers and taxi drivers, with the latter insisting on canceling the affordable Rs 300 GoaMiles ride and opting for a local taxi charging exorbitant rates of Rs 1,000 instead. 

The passengers questioned the logic behind abandoning the budget-friendly service provided by GoaMiles in favor of significantly costlier alternatives. 

This incident highlights the ongoing transportation issues faced by tourists in Goa, despite the introduction of GoaMiles in 2018 by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation as a solution to regulate fares and provide affordable transportation options. However, resistance from some non-affiliated taxi drivers who perceive a threat to their income has resulted in boycotts and intimidation tactics against GoaMiles users, underscoring the need for measures to address the conflicts and ensure a smoother travel experience for tourists in the region.

Another person shared a similar story and wrote, “I took a cab from south goa to Airport. Goamiles charged me around 600 and local cab was asking for 1200. Goamiles driver asked us to walk 100 meters so that the local taxi drivers does not make any nuisance. Customer Exploitation should stop by local taxi drivers.”