Captured on Camera: BMTC conductor suspended for assaulting woman passenger during argument on bus ride | Watch video

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The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) suspended a bus conductor after a video of him assaulting a woman passenger went viral on social media. The incident occurred in the Siddapura police station limits, in the Jayanagar East area of Bengaluru.

The altercation began when the woman, traveling from Bilekalli to Shivajinagar, had an argument with the BMTC bus conductor over the ticket. The situation escalated into a physical confrontation, with both parties exchanging slaps.

Following the incident, the woman lodged a complaint with the police, prompting action from the BMTC. In a press release, the corporation announced the immediate suspension of the conductor, identified as Honnappa Nagappa Agasar.

BMTC emphasized its commitment to the safety of women passengers and outlined various measures taken to ensure their security, including separate seating, installation of panic buttons and CCTV cameras, and gender sensitization training for staff.

While the conductor’s actions were condemned, some social media users pointed out that the woman had initiated physical contact by slapping him first during the argument. Nonetheless, BMTC reaffirmed its stance against any form of violence or misconduct towards passengers, particularly women, and pledged to take strict disciplinary action against offenders.

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