Central Railway Implements Cost-effective and Eco-friendly Train Operation Measures

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Central Railway takes a significant stride towards sustainability by adopting cost-effective and eco-friendly train operations.

With the introduction of the latest locomotives equipped with Head on Generation (HOG) technology, Central Railway successfully operates 57 prestigious Mail/Express trains, revolutionizing the way energy is utilized and reducing environmental impact. This innovative technology not only saves costs but also contributes to a cleaner and greener future.

The HOG technology, also known as Locomotive fitted with Hotel Load Converter, enables these locomotives to draw energy directly from the overhead electric supply. This method proves to be more economical, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly compared to the previous system of using diesel generators to power the coaches for lighting, fans, air conditioning, and pantry car equipment.

By adopting HOG technology, Central Railway significantly reduces pollution as the operation becomes silent and free from smoke, offering a better travel experience for passengers. It also increases the passenger carrying capacity of train by one coach.

Central Railway currently operates 143 state-of-the-art WAP7 locomotives equipped with Hotel Load Converters. On average, 57 trains of Central Railway utilize Head on Generation technology, resulting in substantial benefits. Additionally, a standby silent generator car is available for emergency situations.

The implementation of HOG technology allows Central Railway to achieve significant savings. On average, Central Railway saves approximately Rs 15 crores per month through reduced energy costs, while simultaneously curbing carbon emissions by approximately 5,500 tons. With 95 out of 170 rakes already HOG compliant, Central Railway is committed to gradually transitioning the entire fleet to HOG compliance, further enhancing cost savings and environmental conservation.

Central Railway’s adoption of cost-effective and eco-friendly train operation measures demonstrates its dedication to sustainable practices and responsible resource management. By harnessing advanced technology, Central Railway continues to innovate and provide efficient and eco-conscious transportation services.