Centre reviews public health preparedness on heat related illness

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New Delhi, June 22 : Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya on Wednesday called for coordinated action between the Centre and the states to prevent deaths due to heat waves.

“Effective disaster response and management is collaborative work. With coordinated actions between Centre and states, we can surely ensure there are no deaths due to heat waves” Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya said, while reviewing the public health preparedness for management of heat waves and heat related illness here.

The meeting was attended by the State Health Ministers, State Disaster Management Ministers, including other senior officials from the seven affected states.

As per reports, at least 98 people have died in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh due to severe heat in the last one week. While 54 people have perished in Uttar Pradesh, 44 people have lost their lives due to the extremely hot weather in Bihar.

“India has demonstrated during the recent Cyclone Biparjoy that timely and effective coordination between Centre and States can produce the desired outcome” , he said.

The Minister also urged the states to implement the “State Action Plans” at the ground levels with a timely warning to the people and ensure preventive preparedness to reduce the severe impact of heatwaves.

He also urged the states to develop training manuals on heat and health for state officials, medical officers and health workers.

During the meeting, Mandaviya also advised the States that have not yet prepared the Health Action Plan, based on the National Action Plan, to do so urgently and ensure effective ground-level implementation.

Mandaviya stated heat alerts and forecasts from IMD are amplified and shared with all states daily by the Union Health Ministry.