CNG Price Hike: Significant Increase In CNG and PNG Rates; New Rates Announced

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Mumbai’s Mahanagar Gas Limited Implements New CNG and PNG Rates Effective from July 9 Midnight

The general public, already burdened by rising costs of essential commodities, has to face another blow with a significant hike in CNG and PNG prices. Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) has announced a substantial increase in the prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG), effective from midnight on July 9.

In recent months, prices of essential goods, including food grains, vegetables, petrol, and diesel, have surged. The latest hike in CNG and PNG prices adds to the financial strain on the common people. Starting July 9, MGL will implement the new rates for Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

The revised prices will see CNG rates increase by ₹1.5 per kilogram, bringing the new price to ₹75 per kilogram. Similarly, PNG prices will rise by ₹1, from the previous ₹47 to ₹48 per unit. This increase is expected to impact the daily commute for many Mumbaikars. A large number of rickshaws and taxis in the city operate on CNG.

The hike in CNG and PNG prices is also likely to affect the monthly budget of ordinary citizens by making it more challenging to manage their expenses.