CNG rates increase by Rs 5 in Pune city

Jigar Hindocha

Pune: The prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) increased by Rs 5 in Pune city on Wednesday.

“CNG comprises 2 to 3 gaseous substances and out of which one substance which is very useful in a combination of CNG is coming from abroad. And the price for that particular gas which is coming from the International market, its price has been tripled,” Ali Daruwala, Spokesperson, All India Petrol Dealers Association (AIPDA).

“Nevertheless, this is the temporary phenomena as war is de-escalating and the once situation becomes normal the prices will again rollback,” added Daruwala.

The sudden increase in the prices of CNG has taken a toll on the common public who were already dealing with the price rise of petrol and diesel.

Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) spokesperson said, “People are unhappy with price rise. The auto-rickshaw drivers and private cab service providers will have a major impact on their earnings with rise in price.”

Prakash Shah, cab service provider said, “We are still recovering from the pandemic, now regular trips to tourist places have started and somehow we are managing to generate the profit but this price hike will have an impact on our profit ratio.”

Fuel prices

Petrol Rs 119.96 ( no change)

Power Rs 124.46 ( no change)

Diesel Rs 102.67 ( no change)

CNG Rs 73.00 ( increased by 5rs)

Source: All India Petrol dealers Association, (AIPDA)

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