Counterfeit spice manufacturing units busted in Delhi

Counterfeit spice manufacturing units busted in Delhi

Delhi police uncover spurious spice factories in Karawal Nagar, seizing 15 tonnes of fake masala.

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The spices you sprinkle into your dishes might not be what they claim to be. In Delhi, police have discovered manufacturing units producing fake spices like coriander and turmeric powder. Two factories in the Karawal Nagar area were raided, resulting in the seizure of 15 tonnes of counterfeit masala. Three individuals have been apprehended in connection with this operation.

The Delhi Crime Branch received information about these units producing and selling adulterated spices mimicking popular brands. After surveillance, the police conducted raids on May 1, arresting Dilip Singh alias Bunty and Khurshid Malik. During interrogation, Singh admitted to owning the plant while Malik confessed to supplying the fake spices.

Further investigation led the police to another  Kali Khata Road facility where Sarfaraz was caught red-handed producing adulterated spices. The spices were made using spoiled leaves, rice, millet, wood dust, chilli heads, acids and oils.

Rakesh Paweriya, DCP of the crime branch, stated that the factories were producing adulterated turmeric using non-edible and banned substances. Samples were collected for inspection by the Department of Food & Safety, leading to the registration of a case against the accused.

According to DCP Paweriya, Singh revealed that the factory was established in 2021 to maximize profits, with Malik later joining the venture. An investigation is ongoing, and the suspects have been remanded to judicial custody.

This discovery coincides with heightened international scrutiny of popular Indian spice brands. Hong Kong and Singapore have even banned certain Indian brands due to alleged carcinogenic ingredients.