‘Crossing the Line’ Video Emerges of Two Girls Dance in Delhi Metro, Sparks Debate

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A video capturing two girls dancing to the tune of the popular Bollywood song ‘Ang Laga De’ inside a Delhi Metro train has gone viral on social media. 

The incident reportedly took place between Majlis Park and Shiv Vihar stations, garnering attention for its provocative nature. In the footage, the girls, adorned in white sarees and suits, are seen applying colors to each other, accompanied by a significant amount of gulal spread on a cloth before them. 

The background music features the famous song from the 2013 film ‘Ramleela,’ adding to the controversial nature of the scene. As the performance progresses, the girls engage in suggestive actions, including rubbing their faces together and simulating intimate gestures, sparking debate and criticism online regarding appropriate behavior in public spaces.

A user commented, “Chappal se marna chahiye” 

Another user name Sandeep says “These chapris should be blacklisted for travelling in Metro once caught doing these things, like they do in flights.  

Another user, wrote, “Are they applying colors or indulging in indecent acts?”

While some tagged Delhi Police, DMRC to look into the matter and take action against the two girls.

Another commenter suggested, “Delhi Metro should fine these cringy people. Metro or any public place is NOT for their cringe videos.”

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