Declutter and Detox: 12 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind

Declutter and Detox: 12 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind

Declutter and Detox: 12 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind

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Different things may work for different people but here is an easy start.

18 May 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari 

  1. Create a list of things “to worry about”:

We worry a lot to make sure we don’t forget to take care of anything, especially if it presents a risk or threat. We don’t worry because we believe dwelling on things is beneficial. Make a list of things “to worry about” to take that out of the equation. 

Make a list of everything that irritates you during the day and schedule a time to go over it. Either the anxieties prove to be unjustified, or you can devise a strategy to deal with them.

  1. Do some “junk journaling”:

Invest in a notebook that is just for this, and store it somewhere secure and secret. When your thoughts are racing in a million different directions or you are completely overwhelmed by your feelings, write down anything that comes to mind. Let go of whatever thoughts you may be holding onto, even if they don’t make sense or you don’t actually believe them.

  1. Reconnect with nature:

According to research, spending time in nature has a major positive impact on one’s health and wellbeing. It’s also the simplest method for relaxing and gaining clarity, which is crucial when you need to put things into perspective. Reconnecting with nature will bring solace to your mind and help ground you.

  1. Set a motive: 

Take agency in your life by working towards a goal. Do not leave things up to destiny. Write down all the ways in which you want to progress in life and stick it somewhere visible to the naked eye.

  1. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t improve your life in any way:

Make the most of your time spent online by making it worthwhile and enjoyable. Make sure every account you subscribe to is actively adding something to improve your life, and regularly purge the people you follow. Do not compare your life with that of others because all it will lead to is waste of energy and time. 

  1. Eliminate the outdated phone numbers of individuals you no longer communicate with (and should never again):

This is more about the sense of getting rid of these contacts from your life than it is about resisting the urge to call them again. It will serve as a helpful reminder of your true progress and provide a feeling of closure. No, you do not need the contact of your best friend from 2nd standard who you will never cross paths with again — delete asap!

  1. Music makes merrier: 

Tune out all the anxieties and overthinking with a soothing playlist composed of all your comfort tracks.

  1. Unsubscribe from all pointless emails and marketing materials:

Unsubscribe if you are aware that you often find yourself scrolling around your preferred clothes website whenever you receive an email announcing a bargain. It will assist you in keeping your inbox organised, but it will also save you money and time by preventing you from wasting it on stuff you most likely don’t need or want to skim through. (You wouldn’t require a promotional email to remind you if you did.)

  1. Tech detox: 

Spend one day without social media, digital content and constantly documenting your life for others. Due to so much social media influence, we often start putting up a show for others and it becomes unhealthy.

  1.  Protect your mental space with the same fervour as you would anything else important:

Ask your friend to change the topic of conversation if they are constantly gossiping, or cut off contact with them if they are unable to stop. Don’t watch the news for three hours a day if you know it stresses you out. Make a sincere effort to live as a calm, grounded person as much as you can, and quit allowing anything to take up all of your limited and valuable attention.

  1.  Keep your space decluttered: 

To declutter your mind, it is essential to keep your surroundings decluttered, clean and hygienic too. Maintaining cleanliness around you will help your mood and attitude too. It will refurbish your thought process and provide you with clarity. 

  1.  Spend time with your fur baby: 

Whether it’s a dog or a cat or a lamb or hamster! Spending time with animals surely is a massive mood lifter and gives motivation to be active throughout the day.