Delay in issuance of driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates trouble citizens

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By: Pune Pulse

September 27, 2023

Pune: Faced with delays in getting driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates, people are now fed up with frequent visits to the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) to solve this issue.

As a result, there are numerous grievances of the citizens. As per the information provided, citizens are experiencing significant inconvenience due to the delay in the services. The RTO is responsible for dispatching the driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates to the respective individuals at their designated addresses. However, many citizens are compelled to visit the RTO daily to inquire about the status of their documents, as they have not yet received them. Sometimes, they are told that the documents are still with the postal department.

Furthermore, citizens are directed back to the RTO when they approach the postal department for clarification. Consequently, despite the passage of almost a year, citizens are still unable to obtain their license and vehicle registration certificates.Consequently, measures will be taken against the officers and employees of the RTO in accordance with the Right to Public Service Act. While talking to Pune Pulse, Sanjeev Bhor, Deputy Regional Transport Officer, added, ”The delay in the issuance of licenses is attributed to the unavailability of smart cards for printing, resulting in a backlog of pending licenses.

The government has awarded the tender to MCT Card Technologies, which has commenced the printing process. However, the previous vendor was expected to complete the task by August 21 which was not accomplished due to a shortage of smart cards. The new smart cards have already been dispatched, and the completion and dispatch of the remaining licenses from the previous vendor are scheduled for the first week of October.”

Madhupriya Dhanwate