Easy Steps To Keep Eyes Safe Amidst Heatwave

Easy Steps To Keep Eyes Safe Amidst Heatwave

Easy Steps To Keep Eyes Safe Amidst Heatwave

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Redness, inflammation, and excruciating itching are just a few of the problems that can arise from extreme heat and temperatures, as well as a scorching summer. Burning or a grittier feeling are also among the bothersome symptoms of this illness. 

5 June 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari 

Elevated temperatures and intense heat can be harmful to your eyes, particularly if you spend most of your time outside. Heat waves can cause redness, inflammation and infections in the eyes, among other problems. Experts state that redness in the eyes, often referred to as hyperemia or conjunctival infection, is a frequent illness that arises from dilated or inflamed blood vessels on the surface of the eye, giving the impression of being pink or red.

The conjunctiva is a thin membrane that lubricates and shields the eye from external elements. It covers the inner eyelids and surface of the eye. Itching, burning or a gritty feeling are some of the symptoms that may accompany this painful illness. Severe irritation, discharge from the eyes, pain, itching, watery eyes, visual abnormalities and photophobia—discomfort in bright light—are a few signs of eye redness.

Several efficacious home treatments that you ought to attempt in order to have immediate and durable relief include the following:

Apply a cold compress

Experts say that applying a cold compress to your closed eyelids can help reduce the redness in your eyes. Do that by soaking a towel in ice or cold water, then gently applying it to your eyes and leaving it on for at least ten minutes twice a day. A moist towel can also be frozen and then gently applied to your eyes until it becomes warm.

According to doctors, cold water has a cooling effect, in addition to reducing inflammation.

Use Drumsticks

Because drumstick leaves are so full of antioxidants and other minerals that aid in eye healing, they are utilised both medicinally and in cuisine. The tree is very helpful for conditions involving the eyes, such as inflammation and itching, because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.

The leaves of the drumstick tree can be ground into a thin paste for long-lasting benefits. After that, wrap this paste around your closed eyelids and let it sit there for ten to fifteen minutes. See an immediate improvement in your skin’s condition after washing your face. The drumstick’s anti-inflammatory qualities may help to reduce the redness.

Aloe vera gel

Since aloe vera gel has so many cooling and hydrating qualities, it is used to treat heat-induced swelling in the eyes. It expedites recovery and lessens redness as well.

Apply a tiny amount of the chilled aloe vera gel to the problematic region around your eye in order to treat eye redness. Applying the gel too close to the edge of the eyelid or making it come into contact with the eyes is not advised. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes.

Rose water

It can work wonders to apply a few drops of rose water to the injured eye. When cleaning out dust particles, be careful to rinse your eyes after giving it a quick, gentle rub. After applying the drops of rose water, sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes to help minimise redness or inflammation.

Cucumber slices

Slices of cucumber are generally linked to beauty and relaxation. On the other hand, specialists claim that dabbing cucumbers directly into your eyes will instantly relieve puffiness and inflammation. Cucumber juice, seed extract and fruit water are among the parts of the cucumber that are used in these goods.