Electric poles on NIBM road removed

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The residents of NIBM Undri road heaved a sigh of relief as the work for removing electric poles started on Saturday morning. These poles on the busy NIBM Undri Road were leading to fatal accidents ever since the road was widened.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Nanda Lonkar said, “These poles were leading to fatal accidents. The follow up for removing them consistently was being done for the last two years. Finally, after two years the work has started last week and within seven days the overhead wires have been laid underground and the poles have been removed too.”

Parveen Tambe from Natraj Cooperative society said, “It was high time PMC and MSEDCL took action some action against these poles as many fatal accidents have taken place. We are happy that the work is over and we are thankful to our corporator Nanda Lonkar who took the initiative of getting the work of pole removal done.”


Ujjwala Chaddha, a resident of Konark Indrayu Enclave I said, “I am living in the area since 2006 and have seen the problems caused by the undeveloped roads, lack of streetlights.

Also when the road was widened these poles came in the middle of the road causing problem to the residents as well as motorists. We are happy that they are now removed and hoping that the accidents won’t happen anymore.”

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