Eliminate Pub Culture from Pune Immediately, Warns Dheeraj Ghate

Eliminate Pub Culture from Pune Immediately, Warns Dheeraj Ghate

Eliminate Pub Culture from Pune Immediately, Warns Dheeraj Ghate

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Eliminate the pub culture from Pune immediately as it is tarnishing the city’s image. Common Pune residents have no connection with the illegal activities associated with the pub culture, but they are getting a bad name because of it. The police must take serious and swift action against this, otherwise, we will take to the streets to shut it all down, warned Dheeraj Ghate on Monday.

Following a video that surfaced showing drug use in a pub on Fergusson College Road in Pune, the Pune city BJP held a demonstration outside the same pub on Monday. Despite repeated orders and instructions from the state government, necessary actions are not being taken by the Pune police and administration against these pubs. The illegal activities continuing in these pubs are tarnishing Pune’s image unnecessarily.

In reality, Pune is known as the hub of education and is the cultural capital. Many distinguished individuals reside in this city. However, the incidents that have come to light in recent months have damaged Pune’s reputation. The police and administration need to take responsibility for this.

Common Pune residents are frustrated with the pub culture. Some residents have even moved out of their homes because of the pubs and shifted elsewhere. The police need to consider why this situation has arisen for these ordinary citizens.

During the Ganesh festival, Pune police threaten to file charges against ordinary workers for minor infractions. So how are pubs operating so openly until late at night in Pune? Last week, we demanded action against stalls selling tobacco products to students outside schools. Now, another video of drug use has surfaced.

This is a very serious issue, and we demand that the police eliminate the pub culture from Pune. If the police do not take visible action against the pub culture, we will take to the streets, warned Ghate.

BJP officials and workers from Pune city were present on this occasion.