Hyderabad man finds Maggot in Chicken Biryani; gets Rs 64 as refund Via Swiggy

Hyderabad man finds Maggot in Chicken Biryani; gets Rs 64 as refund Via Swiggy

Hyderabad man finds Maggot in Chicken Biryani; gets Rs 64 as refund Via Swiggy

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Outrage as Hyderabad Man Finds Maggot in Biryani Via Swiggy, Initially Offered Rs 64 Refund

24 June, 2024

In a harrowing incident, a man in Hyderabad discovered a maggot in his chicken biryani ordered via Swiggy. The customer, Sai Teja, paid Rs 318 for the biryani from a popular eatery in Kukatpally’s Hyderabad and was initially offered a refund of only Rs 64 by Swiggy. This incident has raised serious concerns about food safety and the quality control practices of online food delivery services.

Sai Teja took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share his harrowing experience, posting pictures of the contaminated food. The incident occurred on Saturday, and Teja’s post quickly went viral, drawing widespread attention and concern from netizens.

“Please stop ordering from Mehfil Kukatpally,” Teja wrote, expressing his frustration and urging others to avoid the eatery. He also shared screenshots of his conversation with Swiggy’s customer care, where he was informed that the responsibility for food packaging lies with the restaurant.

In the initial response from Swiggy, a customer care executive acknowledged the issue and offered a token refund of Rs 64, stating, “However, since you are a valued customer of ours, we’d like to compensate you for your unsatisfactory experience.” 

This minimal refund sparked further outrage among social media users.

After the post went viral, another Swiggy customer care executive contacted Teja, offering a full refund and urging him to file a complaint with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Teja confirmed this development in a follow-up tweet, stating, “Swiggy called me and initiated a full amount refund and gave me FSSAI details to file a complaint.”

Teja’s post has opened a floodgate of similar complaints from other customers. Another user reported finding a bone in a plate of paneer biryani from a different outlet of the same franchise. These incidents are part of a larger trend of consumers finding unusual and unacceptable items in their food orders, including severed fingers in ice cream and dead mice in chocolate syrup.

In response to the incident, Sai Teja has filed a complaint with the FSSAI, highlighting the serious lapse in food safety. Swiggy’s escalation of the issue to the FSSAI underscores the gravity of such incidents and the need for stringent quality control measures.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks associated with ordering food online and the importance of rigorous food safety standards. Customers are urged to be vigilant and report any issues promptly to both the service providers and relevant authorities. Swiggy and other food delivery platforms must enhance their quality control measures to ensure such incidents do not recur, protecting the health and trust of their customers.