Everest day to be celebrated on May 29

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Giripremi organizes Photography Competition and Quiz to celebrate Everest Day

The world celebrates May 29 as Everest Day

Every year 29th May is celebrated as Everest Day to commemorate the first ever successful climb on Mt. Everest by Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay completed on May 29, 1953.

Giripremi, the only mountaineering club in India to have 12 Mt. Everest Summitters, celebrate the day in innovative ways every year. This year, amidst the coronavirus spread and lockdown, Giripremi has organized the online photography competition and Online Quiz on the club’s website.

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The photography competition is free and open to all, the quiz is open for kids 10 to 16 years age with no entry fee. Interested people can participate in the competitions by visiting the website https://www.giripremi.com/everest-day-celebration/or by scanning the attached QR code. Anand Mali, executive president, Giripremi and Everest Summitter, announced the competition via social media and press release.

CompetitionOnline Photography CompetitionOnline Quiz
CategoryOpen to allAge Group: 10 to 16 Years
SubjectMt. EverestMt. Everest
PlatformGiripremi WebsiteGiripremi Website
Time/ DeadlineMay 29, 11.59 PMMay 29, 11 AM to 11.30 AM (30 Mins)
Entry FeeNo Entry FeeNo Entry Fee
PrizesCash PrizesCash Prizes

For More Information Contact Vivek Shivade: 9769302934

Umesh Zirpe, the leader of Girirpemi’s Everest Expedition and Author of book called Everest, Gostha Eka Dhyasachi wishes Happy Everest Day to everyone and requested to celebrate the day in their own ways. 

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