Exploring Flight Options from Pune to Jaipur

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Pune and Jaipur, two vibrant cities in India, boast rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and bustling urban life. If you’re planning a journey between these two cities, exploring flight options can be an efficient and convenient choice. With several airlines offering both direct and indirect flights, travelers have a plethora of choices to suit their preferences. 

Let’s delve into the various flight options available for your journey from Pune to Jaipur:

Various reputable airlines currently offer both direct and indirect flights between these two cities. Some of the airlines operating on this route include Air India Express, SpiceJet, Vistara, Air India, and IndiGo. 

Out of these, only three airlines operate direct flights, while the rest offer indirect flights. Although indirect flights may involve more travel time, they usually come at a lower cost compared to direct flights.

Here’s the breakdown of the number of flights operated by each airline on the Jaipur to Pune route: 

Air India Express: 2 flights 

SpiceJet: 2 flights

Vistara: 2 flights

Air India: 2 flights 

IndiGo: 2 flights

If you’re aiming to catch the first flight from Jaipur to Pune, you can opt for SpiceJet, which departs at 05:35. Conversely, the last flight available for this route is operated by IndiGo, departing at 22:45. 

To secure the best fares, it’s advisable to book your Jaipur to Pune flight tickets in advance.

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