Father Spends Rs 4.3 Lakh on Child’s Playschool Fees: ‘More Than My Entire Education Cost’

Father Spends Rs 4.3 Lakh on Child's Playschool Fees: 'More Than My Entire Education Cost'

Father Spends Rs 4.3 Lakh on Child's Playschool Fees: 'More Than My Entire Education Cost'

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In a social media post that gained widespread attention, Akash Kumar, a father from Delhi, revealed the staggering amount he paid for his son’s playschool fees – a whopping Rs 4.3 lakhs. 

Expressing shock and amusement, Kumar highlighted how the fee for his son’s early education surpassed the entire expense of his own education.

Accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the fees, including registration and annual charges, Kumar’s post sparked a wave of astonishment and laughter online. The total amount, divided into four terms, underscored the exorbitant cost of playschool education in the region.

With a touch of humor, Kumar remarked on the irony of paying such a hefty fee for a child who is just beginning to learn the basics. His quip about hoping his son learns to play well at such a high-cost institution added to the lighthearted tone of the post.

Read reply to post here:

“Kyu dalna hai aisey schools mei baccho ko? How different the education is? Does the fee guarantee any good education or upbringing? If not – r u just paying for facilities?”

“Are you open to adopting?”

“I hope he becomes Virat Kohli,” quipped one user. 

“That’s exorbitant. Every grain of sand in that playground better be edible lol,” added another. 

To add to it the next user chimed in, “With this much money I had completed my school, diploma and engineering studies…” 

An user, keeping the humour rolling, exclaimed, “This one has to be the best contraceptive ad!”

In the midst of the banter, there were some who struck a more serious note with one advising, “Note to parents: if you can, ask the teacher’s of these institutions, how much they are getting paid per month. Having talked to a few, even DPS teachers in delhi get 30-35K per month and most of them are on contract.”

The viral post ignited a flurry of comments, reflecting the widespread resonance of Kumar’s sentiment and raising broader discussions about the affordability and accessibility of early childhood education.