Fiery Incident in Beed: Electric Scooter Ignites, Raising Concerns Over E Bike Safety

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An electric scooter parked in the Bashar Ganj area of Beed caught fire on Saturday, causing alarm among locals. The owner of the electric motorcycle, Feroj Pathan, had parked it in front of the Edan Computer shop when the incident occurred. Witnesses noticed fumes emanating from the motorcycle, with the vehicle soon engulfed in flames.

Nearby residents attempted to extinguish the fire by throwing water on it, but no casualties or injuries were reported.

Authorities swiftly responded to the incident, with fire tenders from the local fire station and the police arriving at the scene. This is not the first time that electric scooters have caught fire, as several similar incidents have been reported in the past. However, the exact cause of the fire will only be determined following a thorough investigation by the authorities.