‘Fleeting Encounters’ – An exhibition of sculptures at Sudarshan Kaladalan 

Life creates encounters with people every day. Whether with people we are familiar or with strangers – do we really know what their stories are ?

Do we pause -and see each of them as unique individuals with untold experiences and journeys ?

Is it valuable and enriching to share their journey or do they remain a fleeting blur ? 

Do these stories impact our lives? 

The central theme of Gauri Gandhi’ solo show of ceramic sculptures & paintings explores the deep rooted stories that have evolved through time and history, through traditions and beliefs. We have encounters with countless people every day, yet pass by them without hearing their stories.

The show ‘Fleeting encounter’ remains open for March 11 and 12 at ‘SUDARSHAN KALADALAN’ at Shaniwar Peth.

Gauri Gandhi did her Fine Arts studies from M S University, Baroda. She is teaching sculpture in FLAME University.

The ceramic heads try to depict the invisible stories reflecting on the heads. Gauri gets an unending source of creative content, by observing people, their behaviour, their challenges and concerns and their surroundings. 

For Gauri, her art is a lifelong interaction with known and unknown, unending unique expressions of life.

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