Flight Cancellation Disrupts Gurgaon Woman’s Mother’s Day Plans 

Flight Cancellation Disrupts Gurgaon Woman's Mother's Day Plans 

Flight Cancellation Disrupts Gurgaon Woman's Mother's Day Plans 

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Anubha Pandey, a 26-year-old journalist residing in Gurgaon, had eagerly anticipated spending the Mother’s Day weekend with her family in Hyderabad. Planned as a grand celebration for her nephew’s birthday, the occasion held special significance for Pandey, who lives apart from her loved ones.

However, Pandey’s excitement turned to dismay when she arrived at the airport on May 11, only to discover that her 10.40 am flight stood cancelled. Despite booking her tickets via TripODeal, she received no prior notification of the cancellation. Shocked by the sudden turn of events, Pandey sought assistance from Indigo staff, eventually securing tickets for a later flight scheduled for around 5 pm.

Expressing her disappointment, Pandey revealed that she had eagerly awaited this reunion, especially since it marked the first family gathering post-Covid. With her sister residing in Hyderabad and her mother in Ayodhya, the occasion held sentimental value as a rare opportunity for togetherness. Pandey had also planned to celebrate Mother’s Day with her mother and assist her sister in preparing for the event.

Despite the setback, Pandey remained resilient, making the most of the waiting time at the airport by preparing for the forthcoming celebration. While a delayed flight disrupted her initial plans, Pandey remained optimistic, cherishing the opportunity to reunite with her family, albeit later than expected.