Former Google Recruiter Advises Job Seekers on Salary Negotiation Strategy

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Nolan Church, a former Google recruiter and current CEO of FairComp, shares valuable insights on negotiating salary for job seekers. His key advice is that “if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” However, Church emphasizes the importance of understanding how companies determine salary offers. 

He highlights two key factors: compensation data obtained from data providers to create salary bands, and the company’s compensation philosophy, which determines where they fall within those bands.

Church recommends that job seekers inquire about the specific salary band their position falls into, as this reflects the level of seniority and corresponding salary. He suggests taking time to consider a higher salary package after recruiters have answered questions by expressing enthusiasm for the offer and requesting time for further consideration. During this time, job seekers can conduct research on salary data and consult industry connections for insights.

When circling back to the prospective employer, Church advises expressing excitement about the opportunity and proposing a desired salary figure based on research and understanding of the company’s compensation philosophy. He emphasizes that while the outcome may vary, failing to ask for a higher pay means missing out on the chance to negotiate for better compensation.