Google Bard’s Big Update: Can Generate AI Images and Expands Worldwide

Google Bard's Big Update: Can Generate AI Images

Google Bard's Big Update: Can Generate AI Images

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Google Bard got a big update on February 1st, which gives it some new abilities. The most important one is that now it can create images based on text you give it. However, it still can’t make images from other images. Also, Google Bard is now available in over 230 countries and supports more than 40 languages. This update came right after Google announced that a more advanced version of Bard, called Google Bard Advanced, will be available with a paid subscription.

Google shared these updates in a blog post where they talked about the improvements to the chatbot. Adding the ability to generate images is a significant step for Google, as many of its competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft already had this feature. Google’s image generation comes from a model called Imagen 2, which is also used in other Google AI projects.

Here are some features of Google Bard’s new image generator:

  • It can make images based on text prompts.
  • The images it creates are supposed to be high quality and realistic.
  • We tested it ourselves and found that it does a pretty good job, although the images are always the same size and usually look like they were made by a computer.
  • Google Bard won’t create images of real people to prevent misuse.
  • Google also uses a technology called SynthID to mark the images as AI-generated.

Besides adding image generation, Google Bard is now available in more places and languages. It also has a feature called ‘double-check’ which shows where the information in the response comes from and highlights any parts that aren’t backed up by a source. This helps reduce mistakes in the responses. You can find this feature by clicking on the G icon under the response.

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