“Google Can’t Predict the Moon”, Katrina Kaif’s First Karwa Chauth: Vicky Kaushal Shares Hilarious Moments

"Google Can't Predict the Moon", Katrina Kaif's First Karwa Chauth: Vicky Kaushal Shares Hilarious Moments

"Google Can't Predict the Moon", Katrina Kaif's First Karwa Chauth: Vicky Kaushal Shares Hilarious Moments

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Vicky Kaushal reveals how Katrina Kaif turned to Google for moonrise timings during their first Karwa Chauth, creating a memorable and endearing moment for the couple.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif continue to set couple goals, from their dreamy vacations to celebrating each other’s successes. In a recent interview with Film Companion, Vicky Kaushal reminisced about their first Karwa Chauth celebration, revealing an amusing anecdote about Katrina’s reliance on Google for moonrise timings. The couple, who tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in December 2021, shared a light-hearted moment that highlighted their affectionate bond.

Vicky, who also fasted with Katrina for the occasion, recounted how Katrina, whom he affectionately calls the “Google Queen,” turned to Google to find out when the moon would rise. “I am okay with keeping a fast. As actors, we go through diet restrictions and all that, so being an actor helps. But she [Katrina Kaif] is a Google queen. She asked Google when she’ll be able to see the moon,” Vicky said.

He humorously added that he tried to explain to Katrina that the moon does not adhere to Google’s predictions. “Google said 8:30 pm. I told her the moon won’t listen to Google; it will come when it wants to. Google can’t predict the movement of clouds,” Vicky explained. 

As the moonrise delayed, Katrina’s patience began to wane. “There was a delay, and she was like, ‘It hasn’t come.’ I said it’s not like I am calling it. It will come when it wants to. She was completely fine till the time that Google said, 8:30 pm; after that, she was like, ‘Now I am feeling hungry,'” Vicky shared.

In the same interview, Vicky Kaushal revealed Katrina Kaif’s reaction to his viral song “Tauba Tauba” from his upcoming film, Bad Newz. He shared, “The biggest relief was when she approved of the song. She was like, this is good. And I was like shukar hai. [Thank God.] She keeps telling me, ‘I know you love to dance. But you are a baraati dancer, and not a trained one’. That’s because I get carried away, and she tells me that is fine in real life, but I need to preserve the energy for the camera.” 

The track “Tauba Tauba” features Vicky Kaushal along with Triptii Dimri and Ammy Virk, promising an exciting addition to the film. Through these candid revelations, Vicky and Katrina continue to charm their fans. They share their stories showcasing their playful and supportive relationship.