*’Green Rickshaw Stop’ – An initiative by Lions Club of Eco Friends urging to plant trees at autorickshaw stop

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Akash Dhanurkar

A city based NGO, ‘Lions Club Eco Friends’, had sowed the seeds of ‘Green Rickshaw Stop’ eleven years back with an only aim to promote the greenery at Laketown Rickshaw Stand in Bibwewadi. However, after eleven yers, the NGO has reviewed their work which has grown 20 ft tall and eleven years old.

The trees planted at the rickshaw stand has become a very strong example of collaborating closely with the nature without hampering the much-needed development. Close to 7 – 8 trees were planted at Rickshaw stand – with Rickshaw drivers majorly taking care of the trees – the trees today are fully grown and providing shade to the pedestrians and rickshaw drivers.

Upon talking with club member, Lion Anil Mandrupkar, he said, “I am happy to witness the massive growth of our sowed seeds, turned info full grown trees, eleven years back, to make the world better place to stay. I want to thank the Rickshaw Stand members who have taken care of the trees. I urge citizens to witness the greenery in the area and replicate similar model across the city rickshaw stands.”

Ganesh Birajdar, Deepak Dhonde, Suhas Kulkarni, Pankaj Kabra, Rajiv Gambhir, Sudin Jayappa, Sopan Gambhir, Rahul Burugul helped in the initiative.