Heat Wave : Maharashtra state board schools to remain closed from today

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Pune: Amidst a severe heat wave conditions in Maharashtra, the state’s Education Minister, Deepak Kesarkar, has advised all schools to advance their summer vacations. He has also announced that the summer holidays in the Vidarbha area will be extended until June 30 to safeguard school children from the adverse effects of the heat.

In a press conference at Mantralaya, the minister informed reporters that schools where examinations have already been conducted are advised to declare summer vacations immediately, except those where the syllabus is yet to be completed. Schools that conduct hobby classes or activities have been asked to hold them in the morning instead of during the afternoon.

The minister emphasized that schools should only call in students from classes 9 and 10, expressing concern about the risk of heat-related illnesses.The state government had previously released an action plan to prevent heat stroke deaths.

The 86-page action plan, prepared by the Maharashtra government’s disaster management department, contains measures to prevent heat-related deaths, such as changing school timings and the working hours of vulnerable laborers, avoiding load shedding during the afternoon, and setting up separate wards in government hospitals for those affected by heat.

The plan even includes measures for animals, like creating makeshift ponds for animals and providing water pots for birds and stray animals.