Heated Argument Erupts in Greater Noida Housing Society Over Elevator Use by Pets

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PUNE: A video clip making rounds on social media has ignited the debate over use of elevators for the pet dogs within the housing society.

The incident occurred at one of the buildings of Gaur City Seventh Avenue society in Greater Noida.

In the video, the owner of a German shepherd dog was approached by a society guard who requested him to exit the elevator. The reason cited was the discomfort of a child already inside the elevator, reportedly frightened by the presence of the dog. In response, the dog owner insisted that the child should leave the elevator if he felt uneasy sharing the space with his pet.

Soon after, another resident, a woman from the same society, came to the boy’s defense and requested the dog owner to use another elevator. She argued that the child was already inside the lift. However, the dog owner informed the woman that he was following all society norms and his dog was properly muzzled hence there is need to be afraid for the child.

The woman recorded the entire incident in her mobile camera and forced the
dog owner to leave with his dog and opt for another elevator.

As soon as the video circulated on social media, there were mixed types of reactions seen from the people. Many condemned the rude attitude of the pet owner while others defended his actions. One user questioned, “A kid’s concern is more important than the dog owner’s pride.’’ While another user said, “Why are people behaving so rudely with pets?’’.

The incident highlighted the ongoing debate surrounding pet ownership and community rules, leaving residents and social media users divided on the issue.