Severe Water Crisis Hits Villages in Solapur in Maharashtra

Severe Water Crisis Hits Villages in Solapur, Maharashtra

Severe Water Crisis Hits Villages in Solapur, Maharashtra

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In Solapur district, located in western Maharashtra, about 22 villages are experiencing a serious water shortage. The residents of Malshiras taluka, one of the affected areas, are receiving water only every 15 days via tanker trucks.

The scarcity of water has led to a complete halt in farming activities as most of the groundwater sources have dried up. Villagers are forced to conserve water drastically, using creative methods such as collecting water in utensils placed under their cots for bathing, and then reusing this water for washing clothes.

A resident of the area, shared her struggles with the media. “We receive water just once every 15 days. We bathe using water collected in utensils and wash clothes with the same water. For drinking water, we have to pay ₹20 per day,” she said. Malan Bai also expressed frustration over the lack of political attention to their plight, noting that politicians only appear during elections and disappear afterwards.

Adding to the political discourse, Congress’ Jairam Ramesh pointed out before a rally by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Solapur that the water shortage in the region, including nearby Satara and Sangli, was worsening. He highlighted that water demand had surged, with tanker requirements rising significantly in March and April, and local water bodies drying up alarmingly fast.

Ramesh criticized the local leadership for not addressing the ongoing crisis, especially noting that the Ujani dam, the main water source for Solapur, was now relying on emergency reserves. He questioned the effectiveness of the BJP’s promises to solve the water issue, noting the persistent neglect despite repeated election assurances.

This issue is particularly pressing as Solapur is set to vote in the upcoming elections, with residents eager for a resolution to their water woes.