Heroic bus driver saves 35 passengers after attack by armed robbers on Amravati-Nagpur highway

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In a daring incident on the Amravati-Nagpur highway, minibus driver Khomdev Kawade exhibited extraordinary courage when confronted by armed hijackers while ferrying 35 pilgrims from Shegaon to Nagpur. 

The assailants, travelling in a car, chased the bus, firing four rounds at its windscreen. Miraculously, most bullets narrowly missed Kawade, but one lodged in his arm. Despite severe pain and bleeding, the driver maintained composure and skillfully evaded the attackers at Sawadi village, approximately 100 km from Nagpur.

Critical Moments:

1. The armed gang attempted to overtake the bus, prompting Kawade to allow them initially.

2. Bullets were fired at the bus, with one hitting Kawade’s arm.

3. Remaining calm under pressure, Kawade navigated past the hijackers and continued driving.

4. After covering 30 km, bleeding and exhausted, Kawade safely arrived at the Teosa police station, ensuring the passengers’ safety.

Kawade’s resolute actions under duress saved the lives of all passengers. Despite his injury, he drove the bus to the police station, displaying exceptional courage and resilience. The incident highlighted the driver’s commitment to passenger safety, earning him accolades for his heroic conduct.

Following the incident, the police initiated an investigation into the armed attack on the bus. CCTV footage from entry and exit points along the highway is being analyzed to gather more information about the assailants and their vehicles. The police also accompanied the bus back to the Nandgaonpeth police station, and Kawade received medical attention at a nearby health centre.

Kawade’s selfless and courageous actions in the face of danger exemplify the true spirit of a hero. The incident underscores the importance of individual bravery in ensuring the safety of others during critical situations.

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