Horrific Massacre: 20 Street Dogs Brutally Shot by Masked Assailants in Telangana

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In a shocking and heart-wrenching incident, 20 street dogs fell victim to a brutal shooting by four masked assailants in Telangana’s Mahboobnagar district. The ruthless attack took place in Ponnakal village, Addakula mandal, during the early hours, leaving a community in shock and grief. Arriving in a car, the masked individuals indiscriminately fired upon the dogs, resulting in a tragic loss of lives and injuries.

Terrified villagers were forced to stay indoors, fearing both the sound of gunfire and the distressed barking of the dogs. Witnesses described the gruesome scene, with some dogs succumbing instantly to the bullets, while others fled wounded, only to meet a tragic fate later. The toll from this merciless attack exceeded 20 lives, with numerous dogs left injured and struggling for survival.

Law enforcement, including Bhutpur CI Ramakrishna, Addakula SI Srinivasulu, and a team of veterinary professionals, promptly responded to the incident. Examination of the dog carcasses confirmed the presence of gunshot wounds, adding to the brutality of the attack.

Heartbreaking visuals captured the aftermath, depicting lifeless bodies scattered across the village and injured dogs gasping for breath. Distressed residents took it upon themselves to collect the deceased animals for proper handling.

Authorities have initiated a thorough investigation into this heinous act, aiming to identify and apprehend the masked assailants responsible for this senseless and cruel massacre of defenseless animals.