How to check your name on Voter Helpline App? 

How to check your name on Voter Helpline App ?

How to check your name on Voter Helpline App ?

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With elections coming up in India, every citizen is keen on electing their chosen political party. It is the responsibility of every citizen to vote for the right candidate for the betterment of our country. But, to be eligible for voting and contributing to choosing the upcoming political party, it is compulsory for the citizen to have their name on the electoral roll; then only one will be able to vote. It is important for the voters to periodically verify if they are actually listed on the voter list or not and whether they are eligible to vote. 

Following this, the Election Commission of India has developed a Voters Helpline App: (Link to the app.). 

This is how the Voters Helpline App works: 

You should first download the Voter Helpline App on your smartphone. 

Following this, you must log into the app, then select ‘Search Your Name in the Electoral Roll’ from the main page and click on it. Then a page asking you to verify your name on the voter list will appear. 

Here is where you can use your phone number to scan the barcode or QR code on your voter ID card, if you have one. Moreover, there will be options to verify your name in the voter list by using your actual voter ID number or by inputting details of your voter ID. 

Select the option to search for a name using the details associated with the name. The needed information is your first name and last name, your father’s or husband’s name, state, gender, and assembly name. After that, press the search button, where you will be able to check if your name is registered or not.