IISER-Pune States JEE Scores No Longer a Criterion for Admission

IISER-Pune States JEE Scores No Longer a Criterion for Admission

IISER-Pune States JEE Scores No Longer a Criterion for Admission

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IISER, one of the best institutes for research sciences, has recently scrapped IIT-JEE scores as part of the admissions criterion. Now aspirants are required to appear for IISER’s own entrance exam. 

17 April 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, based in Pune, is one of the leading institutes in the country when it comes to pursuing a higher education in the field of academia as well as scientific research. Last year, IISER-Pune bagged the 34th spot in the overall category and the 27th spot in the research category, as per the rankings provided by the National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF) under the Ministry of Education. 

Recently, IISER-Pune has decided to tweak its admissions process by making a few changes. As per the latest update, IISER will not consider the entrance exam scores of IIT-JEE any longer as part of its new admissions policy. Professor Sunil S Bhagwat, Director at IISER-Pune for almost a year, released a statement where he mentioned that as part of the new admissions process, IISER will itself conduct an aptitude-based entrance examination for all the aspirants. IIT-JEE scores will no longer be a part of the assessment. 

Moreover, Professor Bhagwat further elaborated on the courses offered by IISER, which have become popular choices among aspirants. One such course is IISER’s BS+MS five-year degree programme which is formulated on the guidelines of the New Education Policy (NEP). About 1800 to 2000 spots are available for this course across the seven IISER institutes present in the country. He further adds that IISER graduates have landed the best jobs and opportunities in India as well as globally, owing to IISER’s unique approach to research studies and academia. 

IISER strongly believes that examinations and rote learning cannot determine one’s abilities. Passing an exam cannot merely push a student to their fullest potential; rather, it defeats the purpose of the test itself. 

In order to discourage traditional methods of rote learning, IISER engages in surprise quizzes for its students. They encourage the student to better engage with the subject and provide a better understanding of it.