IIT and Harvard Alumna Leaves Job to Launch Open Secret, Achieves Rs 100 Crore Turnover

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Ahana Gautam, the founder and CEO of Open Secret, took a courageous leap at 30, leaving her well-paying job to establish a startup focused on healthy snacks.

An alumna of IIT-Bombay and Harvard University, Gautam’s journey began with the realization of the need to ‘unjunk’ Indian snacks during her MBA at Harvard. Inspired by a visit to a Whole Foods store in the US, she identified the gap in access to better-for-you products in India.

Open Secret, Gautam’s venture, has now achieved a remarkable turnover of Rs 100 crore. The journey was not without risks, but Gautam attributes her confidence to her mother, who not only provided initial seed capital but also instilled crucial values. Her mother emphasized the significance of education in levelling the field and the importance of financial independence.

Gautam’s mother acted as a shield, protecting her from societal pressures to get married before pursuing her entrepreneurial dream. Her courage and support empowered Gautam to follow her passion and overcome biases. Despite facing personal loss during the second wave of COVID-19, Gautam’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have propelled Open Secret to success.