IIT-JEE topper challenges intense study schedule amidst debate

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The viral circulation of a demanding study schedule purportedly followed by a 17-year-old aspiring for the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE) has sparked a vigorous debate on social media regarding the efficacy and necessity of such rigorous preparation. The schedule, which outlines a grueling routine of early mornings, late nights, and minimal leisure time, has prompted discussions among aspirants and IIT alumni alike.

Amidst the discourse, Kalpit Veerwal, the 2017 JEE Main topper who achieved a perfect score, weighed in on the discussion, challenging the notion that such extensive study hours are essential for success. 

Veerwal asserted that he did not adhere to such an intense study regimen himself, emphasizing that excessive study hours often lead to burnout and skill deficiencies rather than academic excellence.

Veerwal’s remarks have reignited conversations surrounding the balance between study intensity and overall well-being, underscoring the need for a more holistic approach to exam preparation. His perspective challenges the prevailing belief that marathon study sessions are indispensable for achieving top scores in competitive exams like the IIT-JEE.

As the debate continues, Veerwal’s insights provide valuable perspective on the importance of efficiency, self-care, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance during the pursuit of academic goals. His comments serve as a reminder that success in exams like the IIT-JEE can be achieved through strategic planning, focused dedication, and sustainable study habits rather than the sheer quantity of study hours.

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