In Budget Rs 1000: Pakistani College Students’ Viral Ambani-Style Pre-Wedding Theme

In Budget Rs 1000: Pakistani College Students' Viral Ambani-Style Pre-Wedding Theme

In Budget Rs 1000: Pakistani College Students' Viral Ambani-Style Pre-Wedding Theme

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A video showcasing Pakistani college students reenacting Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding gala has taken the internet by storm, highlighting their creativity and humour.

The clip, which has gone viral, depicts the students mimicking famous personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, Rihanna, and Orry at the extravagant Jamnagar festivities.

The video begins with a playful caption, “Ambani wedding magar thore saste mein” (Ambani wedding but on a budget), humorously acknowledging the opulence associated with Ambani weddings. Despite the grandeur, the students managed to execute the theme walk with a minimal budget of just ₹1000.

As the video unfolds, viewers witness humorous portrayals of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, with students donning elaborate costumes and mimicking their mannerisms. The reenactment captures the essence of the Jamnagar gala, showcasing attendees entering the venue one by one, each impersonating a notable personality present at the event.

Check out a few reactions here:

“Lol. This is kinda cool. Kudos to whoever organized this,” posted an individual.

Another added, “That’s great. This is how young students should enjoy their free time. Loved it.”

“Loving it,” said a third.

A fourth commented, “Really enjoyable.”

“Hats off to the efforts,” said a fifth.

A sixth joined, “Haha. I loved it.

“Yessss ! This is exactly what we want, don’t you love it. Dance is the most natural human instinct to express your joy and emotions. Wait are you a human if not then you will not understand… never mind.”

The lighthearted portrayal concludes with a playful recreation of the viral earring video featuring Orry and Rihanna lookalikes. The creativity and attention to detail exhibited by Pakistani college students have garnered widespread appreciation and laughter online.

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s upcoming wedding has been the talk of the town, with their pre-wedding festivities attracting attention from around the world. The couple’s journey towards marriage, from their engagement ceremony at Antilla to their ‘roka’ ceremony at the Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, has been closely followed by media and fans alike.

Their relationship, which dates back to childhood, became public in 2018 when a viral picture of the duo dressed in matching outfits surfaced on social media. Since then, Radhika has been a familiar face at gatherings associated with the Ambani family, cementing her bond with Anant and the illustrious Ambani clan.