Inclusion of In-depth ancient Indian History in academics is a must

What comes to your mind when we talk about ‘History’ ? Some might think it’s a undistinguished part which is included in academics. Some even might think what is the use of learning our past , but there is a need to change our own perspective to look at our past and there by of our children too.

Manjiree Sameer Alpe, English language teacher from Mahesh Vidyalaya English Medium School, Kothrud gives her opinion on why it is necessary to include ancient Indian history in academics

Manjiree Sameer Alpe, Pune                                                     

We Indians are really blessed to have a royal cultural heritage. Being a history teacher just want to put forward the recommendations which I think will be of great use for character building of the students and thereby creating good citizens. Studying ancient history allows students to know and realize how the ancients’ attempts to shape the future relate to our own actions in the present day. Its not just the part of academics but something to imbibe in ourselves and thereby lead an ideal life. But today’s scenario is that the students are still unaware about the greatness of our holy epics like Bhagvad Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata Significance of the vedas, Eminent personalities like Adi Shankaracharya, Arya Chanakya, Mahakavi Kalidasa, Gramrian Panini. Even they are unaware of the fact that the World’s major inventions and discoveries were made by ancient Indian people. Our ancient people contributed a lot in almost each and every field like Ayurveda , Astronomy , Metallurgical skills and much more. We had magnificent universities like Takshashila , Nalanda but still these important education center’s history is overlooked. No doubt these things are included in curriculum but the content is very less.

According to me In addition to the history of World war, French revolution , Adolf Hitler a considerable part should be included in academics. It can be either added in the subject of value education or can be introduced as a separate subject containing in depth information. Even the recent proposal of introducing the Bhagvad Geeta as a part of school syllabus is one of the great attempt which will definitely change the perspective of the students to look towards the life. As a teacher I believe – not to just teach about Buddhism and Jainism with a view to provide information but want students to inculcate the values and qualities of Buddha and Mahavir in themselves. If all this has been included in their academic part since from the primary age group , it will definitely nurture them in a more absolute way creating an ideal society with responsible citizens. It is not about the religionism but a focus to empower the next generations.

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