Construction trucks plying within Raheja Vista Premiere campus poses threat to residents

For the past few days, residents of Raheja Vista Premiere in Mohamadwadi are facing huge threat due to plying of heavy vehicles trucks used for building construction activity within their premises. 
The problem increased when the trucks started making rounds throughout the day without the consent of the residents. 

Till March 31, these trucks travelled from the plot ahead of the society to enter the society where the construction is happening but from April 1, these trucks have been using society entrance.

A resident of the society said, “The first incident happened on March 31. This is a ramp which gives it access toj the clubhouse. He has opened a new gate and wants to use this ramp to ply heavy vehicles for the new construction which is being done for new towers. 

Another resident complained that the builder has been using our premises to ply the trucks. They cannot use a residential premises to carry out construction activity. The sound of these trucks is disturbing the peace of the senior citizens and kids. We want these trucks to use alternate road and not our premises to carry out their work. 

A resident of the society complained that till March 31 the trucks travelled ahead of the society premises. But since March 31 these vehicles started plying from within the society premises. This activity has put our lives in danger. There are senior citizens and kids who walk out or use bicycle to access to our clubhouse.

When Pune Pulse spoke to the Surendra Bhosale, he said, “The road ahead the society is not developed by the PMC which is a DP road. Also, with the trucks plying in the society premises, we have deployed more security personnel so that the residents face no problem. In regards to the roads which have developed cracks it is the developers responsibility to repair it and we shall do it.” 

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