Increase number of mobile immersion tanks in Kondhwa Wanowrie; demands Shivsena

Shivsena Ex MLA Mahadev Babar alongwith Ex Corporator Tanaji Lonkar, Rajendra Babar, Prasad Mahadev Babar handed over a letter to the ward officer of Wanawadi Ramtekdi ward office, Shyam Taru and requested him to increase the number of mobile immersion tanks in Prabhag 26 and 27. Since, this year the immersion tanks built by Pune Municipal Corporation are not allowed, the civic body has set up mobile immersion tanks which will move around the areas across the city. 

Shivsena activists raised their voice against the unpreparedness of the Pune Municipal Corporation for the Ganpati Idol immersion tanks in both Prabhag 26 and 27. 

Babar said, “PMC has failed to maintain the immersion tanks and prepare them for the Ganpati idol immersion which starts from second day of Ganeshotsav. Hence, today we decided to take up the matter in our hands to clean these tanks ourselves. Also, if PMC had decided to use mobile immersion tanks, information regarding the same should have been shared to the general public in advance. Even one day before installation of the idols, PMC is not prepared with their data about the routes on which these tanks will ply.”

Tanaji Lonkar, ex Corporator NIBM road said, “There is still some time left for PMC to spread the message about the routes. They can install banners outside the old immersions tanks, make announcements through their vehicles, etc. If they fail to do or lack resources, Shivsena can extend the help in reaching out to people through various social media platforms. Also, on one hand PMC says that they are not allowing immersion in tanks, how come the rule doesn’t apply to the ward no 26, where a few days before foundation was laid for new immersion tank. We are not against it but rules should be same for all.”

Shyam Taru, assistant commissioner, Wanawadi Ramtekdi Ward office said, “The list of mobile immersion tanks shall be shared with the residents shortly.”

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