IndiGo ignores disabled flyer on Delhi-Mumbai flight ; waits for 40 mins to de-board flight

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By: Pune Pulse

December 9, 2023

Pune: On December 5, a disabled person & disabled rights activist Virali Modi was flying on IndiGo flight 6E-864 from Delhi to Mumbai. After the flight landed & everyone de-boarded the flight, Virali was ignored & left unattended by the cabin crew because, as she is disabled and is on a wheelchair, she had to be helped out of the flight which did not happen as she waited for 40 minutes to de-board the flight.

As per further information from the X handle of Virali Modi, “Indigo Airlines does not care about their passengers with disabilities. I’ve been paralyzed since 2006 and I use a wheelchair for mobility. I flew from Delhi to Mumbai on December 5, 2023, on flight number 6E-864. After everyone deplaned, the cabin crew forgot that I was on the flight. The cabin crew were chatting to the captain or someone in a similar uniform. The cleaning crew had come on board and I had to inform them. That’s when the cabin crew rushed to arrange an aisle wheelchair.”

The tweet further stated, “I had to wait a total of 40 minutes to deplane after everyone else had exited the flight. I couldn’t alert the cabin crew because the call button was out of reach, like on all of their flights. I had even informed them that I wanted my wheelchair at the gate and they failed to mention that as well.”

The tweet continued, “A helper from Indigo had come to assist me and he was negligent as well. My legs were stiff but he kept on pushing the aisle chair. As soon as I arrived at the baggage claim, my wheelchair was nowhere to be seen. My fellow passengers had already collected their luggage and were leaving the airport. I had to wait another 30 minutes for my wheelchair because no one had bothered to bring it up from the aircraft.”

The tweet further said, “Moving forward, I reached my car and the helper kept removing my personal wheelchair’s cushion. I kept telling him that it was mine but he didn’t listen. When I arrived home, that’s when I realized that my cushion was nowhere to be found. That cushion is specifically made for me and my spine for the utmost comfort since I use a wheelchair full time. After arriving home, I was on hold with Indigo’s customer care for 55 minutes until someone attended my call and took cognisance of my issue. The only resolution they had was to send an e-mail. No one was apologetic about my ordeal nor did they want to find a resolution.”

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