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The pandemic has shown us the importance of our homes as lovely living family spaces and as work from home comfy office spaces carved out of our homes, all these sudden happenings has made the interior designer’s job more challenging and curious, Mary Manuel fondly called as “Anita” by her family, friends and clients is an interior designer who succesfully designed many apartments, commercial spaces and institutions to the satisfaction of her clients, in fact her clients confesses that once you handover the projects to Anita, she reads every mind and finally delivers a design which is of “wow’ factor for all the members of our family.

She is an extraordinary talent in space management & classy designs as per the desired budget without compromising concepts and quality or time.
She is a perfectionist to the T and carried out wonderful interior projects may it be a bungalow, apartment. Commercial unit, just a sit out, garden or absolutely wonderful lighting concepts whispered a client of hers.
Her passion for kathak, oil canvass painting, ceramic pottery and skilled gardening is reminescent in her interior designing projects completed by her design firm ‘MMTEK Interiors and Landscaping’ (located near Lonkar garden ) is a statement of her quality and dedication.