International Meatless Day coming up on 25th November

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International Meatless Day coming up on 25th November

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Sadhu Vaswani Mission appeals to all to attend the three-day celebration commemorating the 144th birthday of revered spiritual leader, Sadhu T.L. Vaswani. 

The festivities, scheduled from November 23 to November 25, will take place in Pune, India, and across the world.

The major highlight of the programme includes the annual rath yatra, celebratory satsangs and spiritual talks, and the global observance of Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday as International Meatless Day.

November 23, 2023 the Rath Yatra procession starts at 5.00 PM from Sadhu Vaswani Mission, traversing the streets of Pune and concluding at the sacred Samadhi of Sadhu Vaswani. The annual pilgrimage, initiated in 1966, advocates compassion towards animals, welcoming participants from diverse backgrounds.

November 25, 2023 – Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday is recognized globally as International Meatless Day. The day will be filled with satsangs, sevas, spiritual talks and langar (fellowship meal).

The main programs will be streamed live on Sadhu Vaswani Mission’s official YouTube Channel @sadhuvaswanimission

Healthcare institutions affiliated with Sadhu Vaswani Mission are offering concessional treatments. Extensive service activities are planned in local communities, embodying Sadhu Vaswani’s teachings of compassion and service to humanity.

Sadhu Vaswani was revered as the voice of the voiceless animals. His birthday is globally observed as the International Meatless Day and Animal Rights Day. On this day, individuals from all over the world pledge to abstain from violent forms of food as a tribute to Sadhu Vaswani’s advocacy for animals.

One can ‘pledge to go veg’ on International Meatless Day pledges by registering on

Additionally, Sadhu Vaswani Mission has arranged a week-long series of service activities, including the distribution of sarees to women and transgenders in red-light areas, assistance for the visually impaired, provision of clothes to the children of construction laborers, delivery of fruits to impoverished patients, distribution of joy packets to children, and provision of ration kits to families in need.

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